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Catering in Residence

Rez catering orders can be delivered and set up in the residence dining halls, common areas and are also available for pick up for specific functions.

Please note that a minimum of 7 business days notice and a University speed code and account number are required for this online order system. If you have a last minute order or do not have a speed code, please contact us or call the Dining Hall directly and we will gladly assist you.

Rez Dining Online Catering Order Form

Alumni House is catered by Elgin Rez Dining.
Catering orders for Alumni House & London Hall are pick up only.
ea = each dz = dozen pp = per person ppl = people
Name of Item
Coffee (Min. 12 ppl)
$1.20 ea
Tea (Min. 6 ppl)
$0.60 ea
Hot Chocolate - Carnation (individual)
$0.55 ea
Assorted Soft Drinks - Bottles (473ml)
$1.25 ea
Assorted Juice - Bottles (473ml)
$1.40 ea
Dasani Water - Bottles (591ml)
$1.00 ea
Punch (per serving)
$0.80 ea
Pastries & Treats
Bagel with Cream Cheese
$1.50 ea
Assorted Muffins with Butter
$0.90 ea
Cookies (Freshly baked)
$6.00 dz
Assorted Breakfast Pastries including Danish, Croissant, Sweet Loaves (Min. 10 ppl)
$1.50 ea
Assorted Squares (Min. 10 ppl)
$1.00 ea
Yogurt (100 gr)
$1.25 ea
Ice Cream Tub/11.4L - Vanilla
Includes bowls / spoons
(Serves Approx. 50 ppl)
$45.00 ea
Ice Cream Tub/11.4L - Chocolate
Includes bowls / spoons
(Serves Approx. 50 ppl)
$45.00 ea
Ice Cream Sundae Bar   >> See Details
2 premium ice creams, crushed pineapple, strawberries,
chocolate & caramel sauce, sprinkles & assorted candy bits

Includes bowls / spoons
$2.50 pp
Cake - price per 1/2 slab cake; serves 30 pieces
Includes paper plates, forks & napkins
$60.00 ea
Cake - price per full slab cake; serves 60 pieces
$120.00 ea
Platters, Snacks & Hot Food
Deli Platter   >> See Details
with assorted cold cut meats, sliced cheeses, mustard, mayonnaise, pickles and freshly baked bread rolls
$4.00 pp
Mediterranean Dipping Platter   >> See Details
Crispy and fresh pita triangles served with hummus, artichoke/asiago dip & baba ghanoush
$2.00 pp
Cheese Platter (Min. 10)   >> See Details
1.5 oz cheese per person, served with assorted crackers
$3.50 pp
Crudites & Dip (Serving: 6 pieces per person)
$1.60 pp
Sliced Fresh Fruit (Serving: 5 pieces per person)
$1.60 pp
Pizza - whole, cut in 8 slices (Min. 3 Pizzas)
$15.00 ea
Additional Charges For Catered Events
Linen Napkin
$1.00 ea
Linen Tablecloth
$4.50 ea

Total (excluding tax)
Taxes will be added to your confirmation where applicable.
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